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Fashion in Detritus - Artist Participation Information
Fasion in Detritus Header
Info for Artists

What can Artists do at the Fashion in Detritus event

  • Display and sell their works throughout the event weekend
  • Lead or participate in discussions/forums on design/art/or other topics during the event weekend
  • Coordinate and/or participate in pre and post show events to highlight the artists present
  • Meet and greet the public through the event Opening Reception
  • Got other ideas? We’d love to hear them

What is expected of Artists and the Fine Print

  • Complete registration form that includes a artist bio, artist photo(or an image to act as one), specific requirements for displays or showcases(power, etc), and some representative images that can be utilized on the Fashion in Detritus web site and print materials to promote the show. (all images remain the intellectual property of their owners and will strictly be used to promote the event)
  • Promote the event- Please promote the event online, to your networks, out in the community, and at appearances. (promotional postcards will be provided to you)
  • Participate in installation and striking of the show. Final installation decisions are at the discretion of Fashion in Detritus
  • Specialized displays are the responsibility of the artist
  • Participate in the event Opening Reception
  • A $40 contribution to help fund refreshments (adult beverages, heavy hors d’orves , etc.)
  • Prompt communication
  • All sales at the event will be handled by Fashion in Detritus. 40% of sales will be collected to help fund the event
    We sincerely hope that we obtain enough sponsors and the event draws big crowds, so we can drastically cut the percentage, so the artists get a bigger cut.

What Artists can expect from Fashion in Detritus

  • A forum and space to display, promote, and sell their Art
  • An event to network and collaborate with other designers, artists, and buyers.
  • An anchor website with event info and your bio, photo, and link to your site
  • Full color promotional postcards to distribute
  • Promotion through…
    • Online media and social outlets
    • Concrete media outlets
    • Pre show events designed to highlight the fashion function of the affair
    • As well as a tie in with Omaha First Friday; gallery opening functions
  • Prompt communication

Please support our sponsors

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Barley's 16th Street Bar and Grill

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Sponsors Wanted
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If you are interested in supporting this event please click here find out more.

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