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Fashion in Detritus - Fashion Designers
Fasion in Detritus Header
Featured Designers and Supporting Cast

Audi Kuiken

Audi Kuiken studied Textile and Apparel Design at the University of Nebraska—Lincoln. After spending time costuming for theater, Audi is now creating a new genre of clothing by blending casual wear with theatrical inspirations.

Chessna Fernald (d0ll clothes)

Chessna Fernald is a 20 year old designer from Omaha, Nebraska. She made her designing debut in Omaha Fashion Week 2010, and has participated in several shows since then, such as the Something Wicked Goth Ball, Toyland, and Snow Ball. Her designs vary greatly and she has done everything from Rococo-inspired gowns to circus-funeral attire. Although she has only participated in fashion shows beginning this past year, she has been designing and creating clothing, mostly for herself, for years. She draws inspiration from historical fashions as well as modern fashions, and from many other things as well. To Chessna, there is inspiration to be found in just about everything.

Elizabeth Schwartz

I am a seamstress who specializes in Renaissance, Medieval and Victorian/Steampunk costumes. I have been sewing for over 30 years and have been creating costumes for over 20 years. I have performed in Renaissance and Medieval Festivals since 1990. I also belong to The Society for Creative Anachronism, where I have been researching costuming and needlework and doing in-depth research on buttons during the Medieval and Renaissance time periods.

Juantiesha Christian

Juantiesha Christian is a women’s ready-to wear designer from Bellevue, NE. Having always had a passion for sewing and designing, she began the journey as a child and eventually began her line SuShe by Jtracey in 2008. SuShe’s clothing styles are reflected by her love for vintage clothing, eye catching patterns, texture and figure flattery. With her clothing she seeks to revive past trends and add flare to new ones. She draws inspiration from different decades over the past 100 years, in which she highly favors trends from the 1960’s and on.

Locally, Juantiesha has participated in a host of shows including, Fashion in Salvation and Omaha Fashion Week- Omaha’s annual fashion event. In September 2010, Sushe’s Spring ’11 collection was featured in a runway show during Fashion’s Night Out in NYC . Currently, Juantiesha strives to expand her business and continues to design for a host a clientele across the United States, as well as Canada and England.

Monnie Winslow

Monnie Winslow is 20 years old. She grew up in Council Bluffs, IA. She started sewing at the age of 15, self taught. Started in costuming, and then moved onto fashion as she got older. She takes inspiration from all sorts of things. Her favorite fashion subcultures are gothic, punk, and assorted vintage and Japanese street fashions. She will be attended Iowa State in the fall to study fashion merchandising.

Supporting Cast

Without these folks, the show could not go on

Black Rabbit Productions- Hair and Make-up for d0LL Clothes/Chessna Fernald and Monnie Winslow

Contact Black Rabbit Productions

Brenda Reed- Model for Juantiesha Christian

Contact Brenda

Rare Salon and Boutique

Mission- To create a personalized shopping experience by providing customers with high quality products and services at completive prices.
RARE principles:

1. RARE is committed to creating a unique fashion and beauty experience that gives clients individuality.
2. To create and provide wardrobes that encompasses trends of the world market.
3. RARE is dedicated to superb customer service that keeps each customer on the cutting edge of fashion and beauty.

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